I have been visiting Dr.Patli since my pregnancy for knee/leg pain and she provided the best treatment . Very humble and caring throughout the sessions which is very important for the recovery.

Post pregnancy i have developed severe neck pain and had visited her again for the sessions , needless to say she took very good care and provided treatment accordingly.

I would highly recommend Thyphysio, you would definitely have an amazing experience with Dr. Patli's treatment & value for money.

Nasrin Banu

Dr. Patli Pathak was my physiotherapist post my total knee replacement surgery in December 2021. I was so happy to have her help me.

She was very caring and at the same time very firm - wouldn’t let me skip any exercises which were difficult,but necessary for me.

She made sure, my rehabilitation was quick and proper.

Best part is even after I left Bangalore she kept in touch and kept guiding me till date.

Wishing her success in her life.

Sunita Upadhyay

One of the Best Physio Centres in Electronic City Phase1. The Doctor is so Friendly and Understanding.

I had an Elbow Fracture and visited the clinic 3 months post the surgery, with in 2 weeks I saw the improvement in my Arm.

Thanks so Much Doc.
High Recommended.

Siva Jyothi

We came to know about Dr.Patli through doctor Rajasekhar who has done the surgery for my mom,

Dr.Patli provided physiotherapy at home for 15days ,

she is very friendly with patient and does right physiotherapy, with her physiotherapy my mom able to walk without walker support after a week, her guidance is keeping my mom to recover faster and able to manage daily work now.

Thank you Madam for your services.. great to have good physiotherapist like you

Mukundhar Reddy

Im thankful to Dr Patli Pathak for fixing up my shoulder pain which I was experiencing since 8 months,I tried many stretches but still was unable to perform weight training at the gym.

The pain kept shifting to other areas and reaching upto my neck. She then started her therapy and taught me few strengthening exercises which helped me recover well. Just in 3 sessions I saw so much of improvement.

Iam so happy about her treatment that I referred my friends and other family members too. I can vouch that she is very good at her work!

Any sports/accidental injury I must say do visit her and I'm sure you will see much of difference.

Iam writing this review after 3 months of my treatment and let me tell you I have absolutely no issues in lifting weights at the gym.

Thank you once again Dr Patli Pathak

Raghuveer K

Dr. KT Rajshekhar from Fortis Hospital recommended Dr. Patli for physiotherapy. So, we thought we would follow the doctor's recommendation and asked Dr. Patli for physiotherapy for my Father who underwent Knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Patli is very genuine, helpful, caring, calm and understanding. Thank you for your help in my father's recovery. He is walking and doing exercises without much pain.

Dr. Patli is very helpful and made us understand what is required post the surgery. She is very calm as she explained each and every doubt (Even very silly doubts) which we asked. And took good care of my father.

From what I observed, she is NOT money minded as she came alternative days to our home for physiotherapy as my father condition is very good. If she said she should come everyday also we had no choice, but she didn't.

She explained all the required exercises for my father and she even suggested some to my mother as she is also having knee pain (which she doesn't have to).

Sandhireddy Venkatesh

Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial

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